Английский детский лагерь


Уровень знания английского

Part 1
1) I
teacher. I
in Moscow.
2) I am an only child – I
brothers or sisters.
3) I
buy a new car.
4) If you
a new car, we won’t have enough money left.
5) He went to
market to buy
6) Bob
watching films. His
kind are comedies.
7) He
films at home on DVD but he
to the cinema once a week.
8) I
Paris but I would like to go because
many interesting places to see.
9) My children
wear a uniform at school.
10) A Lada is
than a Mercedes.
you go to work yesterday?
12) We
sell our car because we really needed the money.
13) If the weather
fine tomorrow, I’ll go for a picnic.
women like flowers.
15) He
when the phone rang.
Part 2
1) I’d be really happy if I
have to work.
2) I wish I
rich! If I
money , I could travel around the world.
3) Last Summer I
to Spain and the hotel
was very comfortable.
4) I should
this weekend.
I won’t be able to do the shopping.
5) My parents
celebrated their wedding anniversary last week.
6) They
50 years.
7) Bob’s mother didn’t want him
a footballer but he insisted
8) He wanted to be
famous as Pele or Maradona.
9) When he was at school he
by a famous coach and he
play every weekend.
10) By the time he left school he
the national championship.
11) He was
he was chosen to play for the national team.
12) Bob’s car
last week.
13) The Police
taking it, but he viagra pas cher
doing so.
14) Alan
it because he was away on holiday when it was stolen.
15) It’s time
smoking – or you should at least
on cigarettes.
16) Look at this mess ! Bob
17) The builders say
the roof by next Tuesday.
Part 3
1) My watch
while I was playing with the children.
2) Fred
songs ever since he was at school.
3) The team
the match if Bob
sent off by the referee.
4) Bob thought,
, that it was a
decision by the referee.
5) It is essential that every child
the same educational
6) It’s no use expecting Alan to
. He
7) Not only
the guitar very well, but he’s also
, there was not much that I could do.
to university, James struggled to find a good, well-paid job.
10) If Alan
the entrance exam, he’s going to study economics.
11) I would suggest
out some insurance before travelling.
interested in is your impression – how did the interviewee
when you spoke to him?
13) One day I
talking to a woman on the train and she
to be a cousin of my mother’s.
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