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Бесплатный английский СКАЧАТЬ!

Образец жалобы на английском. Ответ на жалобу на английском.
A letter of complaint. A reply to a complaint.

При написании жалобы на английском языке самое важное – оставаться вежливым и избегать эмоциональных выражений и не переходить на личности.

Начало жалобы.

Начинается жалоба как и любое деловое письмо со стандартных приветствий и объяснения целей письма.

We would like to inform you…
I am writing with reference to our order No.345 which we received yesterday.
I am writing to complain about…

Как оставаться вежливым

При написании жалобы постарайтесь отвлечься от своих эмоций и использовать смягчающие выражения:

Unfortunately, a few mistakes have been made in the text of the article.
This is the third time the mistake has occurred and we are far from satisfied with the service you offer.
There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding the terms of payment.

Не используйте you в описании ошибок и просчетов другой стороны, замените подобную фразу страдательным залогом:

You have used wrong packaging.> Wrong packaging has been used.
You made an error on the statement.> There appears to be an error on the statement.

Предложите решение

В конце жалобы предложите решение проблемы или тот результат, которого вы ждете от жалобы.

We would appreciate it if you could look into the matter and make sure the service meets your usual high standard in future.
Please ensure that this sort of problem does not arise again.
We are returning the wrong units and would be grateful if you could send us replacements as soon as possible.

Пример жалобы на английском.

Это образец жалобы по электронной почте партнеру, с которым вы хорошо знакомы.

Dear Jason

Order No. 1398

I am writing regarding the consignment of tables we received to the above order yesterday. There seems to be a mistake in the order as we ordered light pine-finished tables not the heavy mahogany-finished units that were delivered.

As I have firm orders for the tables I asked for, I would be grateful if you could send my consignment as soon as possible, and collect the wrongly delivered goods. Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Jane Lopez